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Pizza with the Principal-May 30
The following student shared lunch with Mrs. Turpin:
Kensi Varney
Abbigail Carter-Paquet
Austin Kimball
Ryker Sargent
Khloe Doran
Alana Heggeman
Drew Bardsley
Stevie Anderson
Ana Zeigler
Aurora Hart
Cameron Guptill
Harlow Ross
Erinn Green
Abby Neadeau
Araceli Chavez
Michael St Cyr
Library News for April 2019
Are you curious about the SBES library collection? Do you want to share a recommendation about a favorite story with a student? Are you interested to know if we have books about ice-fishing, dinosaurs, drawing or computers? This information is easily accessed right on our school’s home webpage. Look for the STUDENT LINKS box of icons on the left side of the SBES homepage. (Scroll down until you come to STUDENT LINKS if you’re using your smartphone). Click on the blue Alexandria icon which is right under the Google one. This will load the Alexandria Researcher. Type your title, author (last name, first name) or subject in the search bar. Click on the appropriate icon below the search: title, author, subject. Voila, you are now seeing our library catalog!

Kindergarten and first grade love to learn about the world around them. About fifty percent of what is checked out is non-fiction. Some topics include humpback whale migration, thunder and lightning, hot air balloons and Tom’s toothpaste.

Second and third grade are learning to navigate around the library. Second grade learned how to read and understand many different types of fiction call numbers, and third grade used their laptops to research the library catalog online. They also learned a bit about local hosts and remotes servers.

Fourth and fifth grade finished up their online state research with 1:1 interviews. They interjected a lot of personality into those “TV” interviews. They also had an opportunity to use print encyclopedias looking for a person, place, animal and thing. Our twenty-first century students were not too impressed with the old-school research tools a lot of us grew up with.

Grades third through fifth enjoyed a visit from author Andrew Clements. He built his presentation from the question: “Where do ideas come from?” and answered it with a slide show of his life, explaining how all those times in his life went into creating his stories. He surprised students and staff by handing out genuine frindles.

Gretchen Audo
Interventionist News for April 2019
Hello from the Interventionists Team! Last year SBES became a ‘Whole School’ Title 1 school. This means EVERY student can receive support from Title 1 specialists without the need to take additional qualifying assessments. Our team of interventionists consists of: Dawn Bonnevie and Victoria Wright (Title I staff), along with Linda Lauer, Angela Gronlund, and long-term sub Taylor Cronin (K-5 interventionists). The five of us work with small groups in classrooms all day, generally for 15-20 minutes per group. We support the classroom teachers with literacy instruction (reading, writing, phonics, word work) and with brain-based exercises (eye tracking, listening and visual skills).

The grade levels recently rearranged groups into new ‘rotations’ to better target student needs. We Interventionists are the team that makes these rotations possible! We each work with up to 60 students per day, closely observing and responding to every child’s skills. Victoria and Dawn will participate in parent-teacher conferences and look forward to sharing our unique window into your child’s growth. We hope to see you then! If you would like to schedule a conference separate from the classroom teacher’s, or if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at any time. To contact any of us, email at (put in the name you need to contact).