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Art News - March 2020
There are a variety of projects happening in the art room this month at SBES. Kindergarteners are celebrating the winter weather by painting winter landscapes. First graders are venturing their way to places they’ve never been before. They are applying their knowledge of color, line and shape to paint junglescapes. Second graders are applying their art skills and knowledge of birds in Maine in order to draw and collage owls. Third graders are learning about nonrepresentational art. They are making abstract collages that they will use in order to make abstract prints later in the month. Fourth graders are listening to jazz music while they construct an image that represents visual rhythm. Fifth graders are applying their drawing skills in order to create their own versions of works by M.C. Escher.
Pizza With The Principal - March 5th
The following student has lunch with Mrs Turpin:
Kai Hagan
Kaylin McCabe
Eva Barker
Bryce Davis
Liliana Niles
Kiera Hodgkin
Alexa Hill
Quinn Doucette
Jordan Thibodeau
Cody Santamore
Oscar Lebel
Brailey Sands
Lili Darby
Luanna Rosario