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Pizza with the Principal-February 14
The following student shared lunch with Mrs. Turpin:
Aiden Franklin
Sophia Berry
Sophie Bueler
Maddy Brewer
Aiden Burke
Greta Wassel
Janiella Morales
Colton Robichaud
Brycen Girard
Staycee Creamer
Annalise Finocchiaro
Brailey Sands
Ketallei Twigg
Isaac Jones
Harlow Ross
Sayer Nelson
Noah Sawyer
Noah Sylvester
Wolf Dube
Wildr Hart

Interventionist News for January 2019
New Year's greetings from the Interventionist Team! There have been many changes since the last ITeam notes. Change, of course, is always a challenge, but we are a positive group that can help students adapt to changing needs.
A change that was sad for all of us was saying goodbye to Mrs. Bates as she made the hard decision to take a position in another school that better fits her family life. We have had several substitutes, however we have been lucky to have had relatively consistent adults providing reading support in Mrs. Bates' place. An interim sub for the rest of the year has been hired. Victoria Wright will step into this role as soon as she is available.
Another change has been the transition to flexible reading groups during literacy blocks, as explained by Mrs. Scorza on the school website home page. The Interventionist Team (Ms. Bonnevie, Mrs. Lauer, Mrs. Gronlund, Miss Cambridge, and Mrs. Bates' substitute) is the team that supports literacy development during these blocks. All five of us are now providing literacy support full-time. It is amazing to see all the great learning our students are doing in these small reading groups! Our learners are now getting intense support for a full hour per grade level.
Now that the flexible reading group routine is firmly established, and we have a new interventionist member, the second half of the year should be a productive and successful adventure!
Library News for January 2019
Snow was on everyone’s mind last November and December as Kindergarten and First Grade listen to three books on the subject. We read one about all the different choices that go into making a perfect snowman (All You Need for a Snowman), another about a girl putting off her homework to enjoy an unexpected snow day, while her dog kept working to get her back home to get it done on time (Dixie and the Best Day Ever), and my favorite, a book that made students consider the point of view of wild animals who encounter an unexpected snowman in the woods (Stranger in the Woods).

Second grade explored the question: “Where are the chapter books?” (Answer: all over the library). This prompted a discussion about the definition of “chapter books”, which range from Beginning Readers such as Frog and Toad, to more advanced books like Harry Potter and Redwall. Students then sampled a table selection of chapter books to find a comfortable fit.

Third grade worked with the folktale, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. They learned reading techniques to help remember details, and made life-lesson connections about not lying so people will believe you when you talk.

Fourth and Fifth grade have begun online research to learn about different states in the U.S. This has been a multi-step process using World Book Students available through Digital Maine Library. It has been a stretch for most students, but it has been fun to see them get excited, as they discover interesting things about their chosen states. Because we’ve had so many interruptions to our schedule, this research will continue into January, culminating in a Q & A session for each state.

Gretchen Audo