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Pizza with the Principal - Nov 29th
The following student shared lunch with Mrs. Turpin:
Bella Faye Bridges
Aleah Swan
Parker Jackson
Brady Forsythe
Clayton Dobbs
Brayden Forsythe
Quinn Doucette
Lyli Bouchard
Owen Andrews
Alyiah Peterson Rivera
Connor Doucette
Dylan Blake
Rheanna Dyer
Izabella Toomey
Riley Holden
Madison Frost
Aria Priola
Art News for December 2018
This month in art class, students at Stevens Brook Elementary are analyzing and discussing the elements of art and principles of design in order to better understand how the process of two dimensional art making goes. Kindergarteners are observing and naming simple shapes to help them draw and then paint dinosaur drawings. First graders are observing and discussing color and good craftsmanship in order to construct their own two dimensional playground made of paper. Second graders are learning different kinds of line to help them create dinosaur drawings. Third grade and fourth graders will be discussing observational drawing and contour line drawing in order to draw out their own shoe. Fifth graders are finishing up a value and shading drawing and will move onto a color theory lesson that will result in a drawing of a dreamcatcher.

Thank you.
Luke Hadley
Physical Education News for December 2018
Physical Education News
The school year has started out wonderfully with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm for learning new skills. Winter weather has arrived early this year and as usual it takes some time for students to remember to pack their sneakers in their backpack on the days they have Physical Education. It is important that students remember their sneakers because if they do not it can take away class time for them and their classmates. Please help your students to remember their sneakers on their Physical Education day.
The K-2 students have been learning and practicing their Locomotor Movements (walking, running, jumping, hopping, galloping, skipping) as well as learning some new fun games. Games are important because they help kids to learn about playing fair, taking turns and helping others, skills they will need for their lifetime. The 3-5 students have been working on football skills like throwing and catching. Throwing the football is one of the more difficult throwing skills but I must say that students did wonderfully. We were adapting the game of “Capture the Flag” into “Capture the Football” but unfortunately with the early cold weather we ended up inside. It was proving to be a fun and challenging game so we will try it again in the spring. If you have any questions or would like information on what you and your child can be doing at home to continue to develop good physical fitness please feel free to get in touch with me here at SBES.
Terry Reed - Physical Education/Health teacher SBES
Health News for December 2018
Health News
The word Health encompasses a wide range of topics. One of the Health units that all grades, K-5, have in common is Safety. When students learn how to keep safe some information is just a list of do’s and don’ts such as DO put your seat belt on in the car or DON’T play with matches. But much of the safety learning is about the process of identifying safe and unsafe situations and making decisions based on predicting the consequences, whether they be positive or negative, and choosing the best possible outcome. The goal is for students to be able to make safe decisions using common sense and their ability to assess the situation.
Other topics that the students are or have recently learned about include: The Five Senses (touch, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting) for Kindergarten, First Aid for 5th grade, Community health for 4th grade, The Eyes for the 3rd grade, The Brain for 2nd grade, and How the body works for 1st grade. Our goal is for students to leave school and share all of their interesting Health knowledge with those at home. Please check in with your student to see what they are learning in Health class. It really is exciting to learn how our bodies work!
Terry Reed Health/Physical Education Teacher
Jay Partridge Health Teacher