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Guidance News - December 2019
School Counselor News January 2020
We have been working on so much through December and January.
The Zones of Regulation were introduced to the kids in the beginning of the
year. Since the beginning of December I have been going into classrooms
and teaching the kids in more depth about what the Zones mean. You may
have seen some worksheet we have done, or hopefully your children have
mentioned the topic to you.
The Zones are a way of regulating ourselves so that we can bring our
behavior back to a calm place so that we are ready to learn. The goal is
always to get back to the GREEN zone, calm, happy, and focused. But
throughout the day different things can make us go into a different zone.
YELLOW is when we are worried, silly, excited, frustrated, etc. … BLUE is
when we are hurt, sad, tired, sick, bored, etc.. And RED is when we are
angry, out of control, yelling, or aggressive.
The kids are becoming zone experts and are really recognizing when
they aren’t in the green zone. Many classrooms have a reset station or
calm down area where kids can go and use strategies to help them come
back to the green. I encourage you to talk to your children about the zones
and recognize yourself what zone you are in. The kids realize that all
people, grown ups included, experience all the zones.
Pizza With The Principal - January 23rd
The following student has lunch with Mrs Turpin:
Alisson Perez Chua
Isaac LeBel
Aleah Swan
Emily Almlov
Kevin Richardson
Kiera Hodgkin
Emmalyn Miller
Kirah DiTucci
Cassius Payton
Brody Watkins
Wyatt Levesque
Jordan Morales
Owen Dyer
Christopher Johnson
Mason Shain
Violet Hoitt
Riley Holden
Araceli Chavez
Physical Education News for November 2019
Physical Education News

We have had a great start to the new school year in physical education class. The Kindergarten, First, and Second grade classes are well underway learning about exercise and how it helps their bodies. They are learning exciting new games and words like Locomotor Movements (walking, running, jumping, hopping, galloping, skipping and leaping) and demonstrating their ability to do them. The First graders challenged themselves with some leaping skills and the Second grade students have been combining there Locomotor Movements together to see if they can transition smoothly from one to the other.
The Students in grades Three, Four, and Five started the year with a variety of games where the emphasis has been on encouraging and congratulating each other. It is heartwarming to see and hear students helping each other out and noticing success and effort in their fellow classmates. The nice weather at the beginning of the school year allowed us to be outside so the third grade students had the opportunity to get in some bike riding. What a fun way to exercise! Students continue to learn about the “Components of Physical Fitness” (Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Agility, and Body Composition). They are learning and trying a variety of activities and exercises help to improve each specific area of fitness. In the future we will be doing some more “glow in the dark” activities. I am thinking 4 square could be a lot of fun in the dark!
Terry Reed Health/Physical Education Teacher