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Pizza with the Principal - Oct 18th
The following student shared lunch with Mrs. Turpin:
Sophia Berry
Mathayus Porter
Hailey Anderson
Benny McHugh
Allice Leland
Parker Jackson
Riley Braun
Phoenix Allen
Abby Cobb
Madelyn St Cyr
Kennedy O'Connell
Douglas Chute
Aicha El alam
Delilah Reddy
Kara Bardsley
Ethan Sellick
Nick Petrizzo
Guidance News for October 2018
Hello Everyone!

I am very excited to be working at Stevens Brook Elementary School as the new school Counselor! I look forward to meeting all of the students and finding the best ways to make school successful for them. I had so much fun at the first school meeting and enjoyed going to the cafeteria at lunchtime for the recipients of the “Stevie the Eagle” award to spin the wheel to determine their prize. I can definitely feel the school spirit in the air! The first week in October I will be teaching 2nd-5th graders a lesson on bullying and the importance of being kind to one another. In addition, I will be teaching guidance lessons to each classroom throughout the school year, which I will try my best to make fun :)

I look forward to having a great year!
Michelle Gallagher, School Counselor
Library News for October 2018
My name is Mrs. Audo (Gretchen), the new librarian at Stevens Brook School. Martha Jackson is enjoying her retirement, while we carry on in the library. The students and I tried many new things this month in order to become more familiar with library resources.

We started the year with a book about finding friends in unexpected places (Can I Be Your Dog?). Some read a book about an immigrant family from Vietnam, comparing local pond fishing with family with that of the author’s experience in Vietnam (A Different Pond).

The week before Constitution Day, we read and discussed the preamble to the Constitution (We the Kids).

September finished up with Kindergarteners reading about apple picking (Picking Apples) before their trip to CiderFest. First graders worked together to add narration and dialog to a picture book without words (Little Fox in the Forest). Second grade used historical fiction and a short video to learn about dust storms and families affected by the Dust Bowl in the 1930s (Dust for Dinner). Third and fifth graders were inspired by poetry (“Crayons” and “Art Class” from I Thought I’d Take My Rat to School) to draw pictures of sunsets and trees. Fourth grade ended the month with mice saving the world from evil rats (Redwall).

October 23 - October 26 (In the school library)

Students may purchase items during their scheduled library time.

Parents and students are welcomed with special hours:
October 23 3:15 - 7:00 (Tuesday)
October 25 3:15 - 7:00 (Thursday)
Cash, check and cards accepted
Title One News for October 2018
Hello from the Interventionists Team! Last year SBES became a ‘Whole School’ Title 1 school. This means EVERY student can receive support from Title 1 specialists without the need to take additional qualifying assessments. This year, our team of interventionists consists of: Dawn Bonnevie and Donna Bates (Title I staff), along with Linda Lauer, Angela Gronlund, and Skyler Cambridge (K-5 interventionists). Donna and Dawn started working with students based on spring report card data. Our K-5 interventionists worked full-time in kindergarten to get our young new friends off to a great start. Now that the year as started rolling, we all helped classroom teachers complete basic assessments so that we can base support lessons on fresh data, and better target lessons to each child’s exact needs. Our team is ready to help any child at any time! To contact any of us, email at (put in the name you need to contact). Donna and Dawn will participate in Parent-Teacher Conferences. See you there!