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Pizza with the Principal-October 3
The following student shared lunch with Mrs. Turpin:
Lillianna Jacobson
Briggs O'Connell
Sohi Bueler
Khloe Vaughn
Hayleigh Anderson
Dylan Lombardi
Hudson Hagan
James Brown
Mason Anderston
Brady Chalmers
Owen Goodwin
Isaac Jones
Cat Jackson
Scott Jackitis
Hosea Tucker
Wynter Higgins
Huck Dube
Madison Nelson
School Counselor News for October 2019
October is starting the beginning of mindfulness lessons in Grades K-2.
Every other week I will be in the classroom teaching the kids about the
brain, how different parts of the brain work, and how to calm the brain so
that we are ready to learn! Mindfulness is something every person can
benefit from and it’s a way to help calm the brain. But as with most things
in life we need to be taught the skills of how to practice mindfulness. So, we
will be practicing these skills in the coming weeks as well.
I am also working on a conflict resolution/bullying lesson for Grades 3-5.
Twice a year I will be going in and teaching about these important topics.
Through the business of school and life ae can sometimes forget the basic
skills needed for conflict resolution. A recap of those skills can help us
remember how to solve conflicts on our own in a kind and respectful way.
Lyndsey Hagen
School Counselor