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  • Writing Stars - December 2019
    Writing Stars - December 2019
    Chase Hopkins
  • Writing Stars - December 2019
    Writing Stars - December 2019
    Mariah Ross
  • Writing Stars - December 2019
    Writing Stars - December 2019
    Hudson Hagan
  • Writing Stars - December 2019
    Writing Stars - December 2019
    Phoenix Allen
  • Writing Stars - December 2019
    Writing Stars - December 2019
    Journey Ruane
  • Writing Stars - December 2019
    Writing Stars - December 2019
    Colby Paquet
  • Geography Bee Winer Daniel Jaronczyk
    Geography Bee Winer Daniel Jaronczyk
    Twelve students from SBES participated in the school-level competition of the National Geographic GeoBee on January 15, 2020. Daniel Jaronczyk, a fifth-grade student, won first place, with Jack Butler, a fifth-grade student, winning second place and Oscar LeBel, a fourth-grade student, finishing in third place.

    The school-level competition is the first round in the annual National Geographic GeoBee, a geography competition designed to inspire and reward students’ curiosity about the world. Questions cover not only geography but also cultures, physical features, history, and earth science.

    The National Geographic Society developed the GeoBee in 1989 in response to concern about the lack of geographic knowledge among young people in the United States. Over more than three decades, 120 million students have learned about the world through participation in the GeoBee.

    School champions, including Daniel, will take an online qualifying test; up to 100 of the top test scorers in each state then become eligible to compete in their State GeoBee. The winners of the State GeoBees receive an all-expenses-paid trip to National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, D.C., next May to participate in the GeoBee national championship, competing for cash prizes, scholarships and an all-expenses-paid Lindblad expedition to the Galápagos Islands aboard the National Geographic Endeavour ll. Learn more at

    In addition to the GeoBee, National Geographic also offers classroom resources, student experiences and professional development opportunities for educators.

    About the National Geographic Society - The National Geographic Society is a leading nonprofit that invests in bold people and transformative ideas in the fields of exploration, scientific research, storytelling, and education. Through our grants and programs, we aspire to create a community of change, advancing key insights about our planet and probing some of the most pressing scientific questions of our time while ensuring that the next generation is armed with geographic knowledge and global understanding. Our goal is a measurable impact: furthering exploration and educating people around the world to inspire solutions for the greater good. For more information, visit www.
  • Geography Bee 2019-20
    Geography Bee 2019-20
Congratulations to Brielle Evans
Congratulations to Brielle Evans
Congratulations to Brielle Evans in Mrs. Hunt's 5th grade class for being chose to show her work at the Portland Museum of Art for the Youth Month Art Show in March. CONGRATULATIONS!!
November Writing Star Winners
November Writing Star Winners
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Mission Statement
Stevens Brook Elementary School
Where Students are Treasured

We, the members of the Stevens Brook Elementary School community, are committed to working together in a dynamic, supportive, and respectful learning environment.

We strive to reach our full potential by fostering academic excellence, celebrating successes, and challenging all members to be responsible learners and citizens.


• A Quality and Collaborative Worker

• A Self-Directed Learner

• An Effective Communicator

• A Responsible School Citizen
Student Links
-1 Hard pencil case (big enough to hold scissors, crayons, markers, and glue)
-24 crayola crayons (too many crayons can be very difficult to manage)
-2 box of crayola markers (please label each marker)
-2 or 3 glue sticks and 1 bottle of Elmer's glue
-2 boxes of tissues (labeling not necessary)
-1 set of earphones (please no earbuds)
-1 spiral notebook
Some appreciated supplies include:
EXPO (brand) Dry Erase fine point markers
a box of a gallon and/or sandwich Ziploc baggies

First Grade:
-1 backpack
-1 box of #2 pencils
-1 package of erasers
-1 box of crayons (16-24 ct)
- 3 black dry erase markers
-1 box of colored pencils
-1 pair of scissors
- 1 package of glue sticks
-1 roll of paper towels

Second Grade:
-12 #2 pencils
-1 pack each of colored pencils and crayons
- 1 box of tissues
- 3+ glue sticks
- 1 pencil pouch/box
- 3 heavy duty pocket folders (solid colors)
- 1 subject spiral notebook
-One 1 inch 3-ring white ring binder with clear cover pocket
-One 1/2 inch 3-ring white binder with clear cover
-1 standard composition notebook (around 9"x7")
-1 headphones/earbuds

Third Grade:
-#2 pencils
-Colored pencils
- markers
-glue sticks
-4 pack of white board markers
- box of tissues
- erasers
-zip up pouch/pencil box
-2 heavy duty two pocket folders
-simple pencil sharpener with shavings holder

Fourth Grade:
-colored pencils
-glue sticks
-small pencil case/holder (Fabric ones are best)
Suggest items for classroom:
-low odor expo markers
-Ziploc baggies (gallon or quart size)
-box(es) of tissues (to share with class)
-sticky notes

Fifth Grade:
-Hand-held pencil sharpener with shavings collector
-pencil case
-two spiral bound notebooks
-a novel to read
Optional items to share with the class:
-Sticky notes
-markers of colored pencils for the class bin