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Pizza with the Principal April 5th
Callum Solari-Holmes
Madison Nelson
Reid VerWey
Travis Scott
Owen Dyer
Justice Levasseur
Riley Holden
Alyssa Sakofsky
Jonathan Serpa
Kyle Chretien
Glynn Ross
Alex Reddy
Alayna Mack
Library News for April 2018
We celebrated with guest authors and cupcakes. Russ Cox, author/illustrator from Pittsfield spoke to each of the K, 1st, 2nd and third grades. He gave some of his background and read his newest book, Faraway Friends. Ben Bishop, comic creator, from Portland also explained to 4th and 5th grades how he became an illustrator. He showed some comic book covers he has illustrated and talked about illustrating Lost Trail, the graphic novel of Lost on a Mountain in Maine. Funds for our guests and for the cupcakes came from a library fund supported by book fairs.



(Library does not get a profit from this fair, the children get it!!)

APRIL 10-13


OPEN DAILY 8:15am-3pm



Martha Jackson

Title 1 News for April 2018
Our new role for this year as a Whole-School Title I school has given the team at Stevens Brook so much more flexibility. We now work closer with other interventionist staff to group children in different ways as their needs change throughout the year. Mrs. Scorza and Ms. Bonnevie now meet weekly (or more) with Mrs. Lauer, Ms. Gronlund, and Mrs. Webb to adapt every student’s lessons to best give them what they need from all of us. Amongst the five of us we have worked with over 100 students!

Mrs. Scorza and Ms. Bonnevie have both also committed to projects to reach the whole school. Mrs. Scorza has been providing literacy professional growth to staff, and many whole-class projects such as book tastings and book birthday parties. Ms. Bonnevie recently set up a whole-school project called Fraction Action. There were four stations around the school where students could explore fractions and answer a contest question. Many students won ‘maker station’ boxes with which they could build, invent, and create.

Both Ms. Scorza and Ms. Bonnevie are involved in Monday ‘extra hour’ enrichment opportunities. Mrs. Scorza has a roomful of 4th and 5th graders using Lego for science. Ms. Bonnevie has a small but dedicated group learning how to knit. Naturally, we will be embedding plenty of literacy and math into these fun, engaging activities.
Guidance News for April 2018
Restorative Practices are a guiding principle that emphasize the importance of building connections between all members of a school. These practices have been implemented across all of SAD 61. Here at Stevens Brooks Elementary we are using Restorative Practices in classrooms through Community Circles. In circles or as the students prefer to call them “campfires” everyone is on an even playing field. There is a talking piece that is used to invite the person holding it to talk freely and those without the talking piece are invited to listen. We are starting the process by asking fun, interesting questions to help students and teachers get to know each other better. There are many theories behind this approach. Connectedness has a direct positive effect on academic achievement. Highly connected students are less likely to be perpetrators or victims of aggression. And lastly, as school climate improves, relational aggression (fighting/bullying) decreases. We are very excited to see positive outcomes as we continue to build our Restorative Practices!
School Counselor, Sarah Brown