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Pizza with the Principal February 1, 2018
Tanner Collins
Lucia Ruane
Araia Peterson
Allison Peterson
Allison Damon
Mason Anderton
Owen Goodwin
Aurora Hart
Jonah Wells
Catia Jackson
Kara Viereck
Addie Mack
Sam Parsons
Alyssa Harmon
Abigail Baker
Madelyn McDougall
Garrett Sawyer
Leo Bouchard
Library News for February 2018
How to Choose a Just Right Book Video
At the December school meeting Mrs. Fox and Ms. Berry's class presented the premier of their video. It was a collaboration between the class and the library. Thanks to Mrs. Fox for all the
extra time she put into this endeavor. Special thanks to the kids
in the class for their acting abilities and their enthusiasm! We will
be using the video in library classes to remind students how to
choose a just right book.

Importance of Reading Aloud to Kids
The following quote is from Igniting a Passion for Reading by
Steven L. Layne:
“The benefits of reading aloud, such as increased reading comp-
rehension, improved listening skills, and a broadening of vocab-
ulary, are commonly cited by read-aloud advocates, and there is no doubt that they make for very compelling and persuasive reasons.
In terms of our disengaged readers, those who can read but don't, being read to is one of the most seductive methods of bringing them to books.”
What a better time than our long, cold, January nights to start a family read-aloud time.

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”
Emily Buchwald
Guidance News - February 2018
Hello! We are busy learning all about bullying and how to stop it in our school. We define bullying as someone being hurt on purpose, the behavior happens repetitively and there is an imbalance of power between the bully and the victim. Often we are quick to call mean behaviors bullying when they are really just conflict or a mean moment. While these moments are still unacceptable and require consequence, they do not fall under the title bullying in the eyes of the state. Our older kids are learning about relational aggression and how to stand up for themselves if they are put in negative situations with friends. The younger kids are learning the importance of kindness and empathy.

Please encourage your children to speak up for themselves and ask an adult for help if someone is hurting them.
Title One - February 2018
The SBES Intervention Team has enjoyed working with many, many students throughout the building, sometimes as a long-term support, and sometimes as a once-and-done support. This team is a flexible safety-net to catch children not meeting daily learning targets.

An important part of safety-nets for all children include families and communities, of course. The Intervention Team will hold a Family Event soon! On January 18th, join us at 6:00 for “A Night at the Theater”. There will be reading and math activities and take-homes all around the theme of movies. ALL are invited. Be on the lookout for your invitation!