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Pizza with the Principal May 31st
Keira Sawyer
Preston Ross
Aria Peterson
Hannah Vincent
Madison Henry
Delilah Reddy
Stormie Allen
Harlow Aross
Lillian Darby
Brailey Sands
Brandon Andrews
Leo Bouchard
Raven Allen
Teairra Reum
Health News for May 2018
In Health, each grade is finishing learning about food and digestion. In kindergarten, the focus is on which foods are good for your body. The next unit for Kindergarten will be about family. The focus in first grade was on why we eat certain types/kinds of foods. The next unit will be learning about medicine. Second grade focused on the food groups and the nutrients the body needs. They will be learning about the heart in their next unit. The third graders were learning about food labels and what to look for on them. Next for them will be all about community health. In fourth grade, the focus was on the digestive system and how it works. The importance of not smoking will be their next unit. Fifth graders were learning about nutrition and more information on the digestive system. They will begin to learn about how to take care of their lungs.
I hope your student is enjoying the classes and learning as much as I am.
Mr. Welch, Health Teacher
Physical Education News for May 2018
We have had a wonderful year in Physical Education! There is always so much to do and so many choices. What continues to be one of the all time favorite activities is the parachute. I can’t tell you how many times I have former students talk to me and say, “I remember when we used the parachute, it was my favorite thing to do!” This year we all had a chance to use the parachute and I must say there is just something about a bunch of balls flying off of it that brings a smile to your face. We tried something new this year with the parachute. We turned off all the lights in the gym and I put on the glow-in-the-dark balls. It was so exciting to see them on the parachute and flying way up into the air! One of the reasons that I enjoy using the parachute so much is that it teaches teamwork. In order to be successful all members must work together and do the same thing at the same time. A life lesson for sure.
Terry Reed SBES Physical Education/Health Teacher